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It’s a New Year and We Have Goals

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Learn How i-ACT Works

I’m big on creating goals, but I’ve never been big on creating New Year’s resolutions. I guess I feel like if you really want to accomplish something you should start right now, don’t wait for a new year. However, this year our team has really made an effort to create timelines, long-term goals, and fundraising plans for our various projects. I think mostly this is because of the amazing team we have built – a few of us paid but many more volunteers – who are all committed to seeing our projects become successful (and who help us stay organized!).

Our model is simple but our avenues tend to be bold. We don’t always wait for the grant to be awarded or for the perfect time to take a trip to visit our refugee friends. We just do it. And this year, you will see our team forge ahead and hit key milestones for a few of our projects. Here’s a sneak peak (of just a few of our programs):


Little Ripples

First Little Ripples Center to Open: We start the pilot phase with 351 Little Ripples (children ages 3 to 5) in refugee camp Goz Amer. We have assembled an amazing team of Expert Teacher Advisors who will train and guide refugee teachers in the creation and implementation of a new innovate program that not only teaches the foundations of reading and writing, but focuses on peace-building and trauma recovery. We hope to continue to launch Little Ripples Centers until more than 8,000 students are touched. Long term goal? This program becomes a model that can be applied in emergency situations throughout the world.

Darfur United

First Darfur United Soccer Academy Launched: Last year we helped Darfur United participate in the Viva World Cup in Iraqi Kurdistan, an almost impossible feat when we first discussed it. Surely this year we can reach our goal of launching the first Academy. We have the blueprint for skills & drills, health and hygiene, and a league. We have interested soccer coaches to train refugees. We even have consistent equipment and jersey donations rolling in. We are on the right track. Long term goal? To build a comprehensive program for boys and girls in every Darfuri refugee camp that leads to having both a men’s and women’s teams who play with a unique Darfuri style.

Right to Education Mobile Human Rights Library

Recreate the Right to Education Mobile Human Rights Library: The library in Camp Djabal was unfortunately destroyed in a fire. We must recreate it and also continue to supplement the library in Camp Goz Amer. So far, this is an all volunteer project supported by communities and individuals. Long term goal? Keep it stocked, bring new material, and just imagine an actual human rights library for every camp!

100 Day Fast for DarfurIt has been 10 years since the violence in Darfur started in 2003. For many, it has been 10 years of living in a refugee camp, or as one refugee called it, “an open prison.” Let us honor and commit to working for peace, protection, and justice for all Darfuris. Fast for a day or more, eat only refugee rations, or sponsor a faster between April 6 – July 14. Long term goal? Empower individuals and communities to act on behalf of our refugee friends by fostering a new culture of participation.

This is just a taste of what is to come in 2013. Sign up for email updates, follow us on Facebook and twitter to stay connected and watch our progress, and hold us to our New Year’s resolutions.

A few other projects to keep your eye on: Pazocalo: Peace Public Square, Act for Sudan, Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]


Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

Support refugees in the forgotten corners of the world through soccer and preschool.

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