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June 8th: a Magical Day

Exactly a year ago, I was in Iraq with an all-refugee team from Darfur making its first appearance in an international competition. The Viva World Cup was one of those beautiful and surreal experiences that I’ll never forget.

Exactly a year ago, my daughter Leila Paz was born. I was in Iraq.

Today, I was in refugee camp Goz Amer, at the official presentation of a beautiful preschool for the refugee community. Being there with the young refugee women that are the first generation of Little Ripples teachers is hard to describe. After more than two years of dreaming about this, it was a dream come true.

Today was Leila Paz’ first birthday. I am in Eastern Chad.

I often feel guilty for missing important moments in my children’s lives. Mimi and Gabo have been experiencing this for nine years. From our many conversations about it, I believe they understand and feel a part of this work.

Years from now, on June 8th, I hope to sit with Leila and show her pictures of the celebrations that have occurred on her birthday. She’s been a part of some magical days.

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