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Just 29 Days To Go

Editor’s note: This blog originally published on by Sara-Christine Dallain.

With just 29 days to go until Sweden, players across all camps are getting ready for the upcoming Darfur United tryouts to be held in Camp Djabal. As Gabriel and I prepare to head out to camp Djabal, one player I’m really looking forward to seeing play is Saleh Abaker Yahya.

In 2012, Saleh was the squad’s go to Midfielder. Coach Mark described Saleh as an “elegant soccer player, who always appears to have time on his hands, silky with the ball at his feet and a calm, confident disposition that makes him a go to guy in times of haste!” Will he be the go to Midfielder for the 2014 squad?

Be the one that helps Darfur United’s Midfielder—possibly Saleh!—go to Sweden. Click here to sponsor the Midfielder position and help us build the squad!


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