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Kindle 101: How to use a kindle in a refugee camp

Here is a great exchange between Rahma and students at Burbank High School! Hello my friends Task Force students, Here is another video I want show you haw I am using the Kindle but we need kindle will include many another programs. Thanks yours Rahma

HOW COOL! Some students at Burbank High School use the Kindle, too. I think they are so useful and fun! How do you like it so far? Do you think that the Kindle is better than a regular book? Also, some people think regular books will disappear and the Kindle and similar e-books will replace them. What do you think? Happily, Burbank High School

Hi my best friends at BurbankHighSchool How are you? And how is your Schools going? Thank you for your message and thank you for your support. Really I think that the Kindle is better than regular books because Kindle has many informations than regular books and I think they are not similar books. Maybe Kindle better and Kindle will include many informations. Thank you yours Rahma


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