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Little Ripples: Second Time Around in T’Chad

Little Ripples’ Project Coordinator Jennifer Tang and teacher trainers Jocelyn and Melissa are traveling to eastern Chad to open the first Little Ripples center. They’ll be blogging from refugee Camp Goz Amer over the next two weeks. Follow their work and learn how to get involved at

Leading up to my second trip to the refugee camps, I’ve been filled with much more anxiety and nervousness than the first time around. Although I have an idea of the conditions we can be expecting in T’Chad and in the camps, there is so much to accomplish on this trip. We brought a WHOLE lot of classroom materials (including some great materials donated from Scholastic and Lakeshore Learning Supply), assessment tools (scales, questionnaires, height sticks), and teacher training materials; and the LR team was printing and packing materials up until the morning of our departure! In the back of my head I keep running through the lists of what we need and making sure that we brought it. (On a personal note – I have already discovered I failed to pack my headlamp, dental floss, laptop charger, phone charger, and notebook…doh!) Well, I guess it’s too late now to worry, whatever we have we have and what we don’t we will just make it work along the way.


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