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Little Ripples Teacher Training and Assessment

The i-ACT team continues their time in refugee camp Goz Amer with the new teachers and students of Little Ripples! Here are a few excerpts from recent blogs:

Jennifer, i-ACT’s Little Ripples Coordinator, writes,

In the afternoon I helped out with the assessment side of things. We asked a group of ~5 mothers to bring their Little Ripples aged children in for the interview team to practice going through the three-part questionnaire. I think so far this has been the best part of the trip for me…Seeing the future Little Ripples students step into the space – they were so cute!!! Naturally, many of them were shy and a bit confused about what was going on – all the questions and the seeming formality of the whole process. As I was trying to check one of the young girls for fever she kept shying away, crying (in Arabic), “I’m done with all this! I just want to take those Legos and go home!!”

Read Jennifer’s full blog here. Jocelyn and Melissa, Little Ripples Expert Teacher Advisors, are representing team members and teachers in the United State who have created a unique and comprehensive training for the new teachers,

There was a time in the US when the best and brightest of womenkind had one of two career choices. Nurse or teacher. When more careers opened up to women, there was a brain drain in our field. The best and brightest, who could only be teachers in the past, were becoming doctors, lawyers, and nuclear physicists. Not to say that the teaching profession still doesn’t have some of the best and brightest (like me…ROFL). I feel as if the teachers in our program are the best and brightest women in the camp. They are all young women, from 17 to 21, (and one senior who is 26), who are eager to learn, teach and support the children of their community. They represent 7 different tribes, some of them are Fur, Zaghawa, Masalit, Sharafa, Rizeigat and Taisha. They are motivated to do the best job that they can, and all believe that education is the key to their future, and the future of their community!


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