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Looking in from America: by Juliana (15yrs Student)

I am utterly amazed to see continuously that the refugees have hope. In the videos, they are

so happy! Their unwavering hope for a changed future makes me want to go to Darfur myself! Seeing these videos and reading the stories of Rahma and Khadija makes me realize how much needs to be done. Education needs to be improved, and the outside world has to help! I’m 15 years old and in tenth grade and while Rahma is my age too, he is in the seventh grade. The lack of education is astounding, but what overwhelms me is that the refugees are not deterred by this. Rahma wants to be President of Sudan. They all wish to learn more and their thirst for knowledge makes me realize how lucky us Americans are and because of this, why we need to do everything that we can. By exchanging videos with the people in the refugee camps, I think it will bring greater awareness to our community, so we can help. Seeing firsthand what is happening in the camps will really make people think twice. But not only that, we can learn from Rahma and the rest of the refugees. Thank you so much for your work in Darfur, Gabriel, KTJ, and the rest of the Team!

Juliana (Brentwood School), 15 years old Student Guest Blogger


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