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Love What You Do


After, I met with Ramadan and Habiba, the DU coaches from camp Djabal who traveled to Goz Amer to help launch the new Academy. We sat with Adam, who translated for us, and went over some new drills and talked all things DUSA.

Ramadan told me they begin each practice by asking the kids how they are feeling, how their day has been, and hold a conversation amongst the group. After that, they practice mindfulness exercises before taking to the field. Habiba was excited to share that everybody’s soccer skills have improved so much over the two years since DUSA launched in camp Djabal. During our conversation I was struck by how much these two truly love what they do. By the time we wrapped our first training session later that afternoon, it was clear — not only do they love what they do, but they are phenomenal at it, too.

We have a great group of candidates in Goz Amer, and spirits are high. The sense of community here is palpable and I love it! Everybody is having fun, cheering each other on, and working extremely hard. The decision will be tough, but I’m certain we have four more wonderful DU coaches in the making!