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Meet i-ACT Team Member: Pauline Lendrich

picture pauline
I act because I believe that things can change when we understand why they’re happening. By educating both genocide-affected populations as well as the public in unaffected yet powerful countries, we can contribute to creating lasting peace.

Currently, I am doing research for i-ACT in the field of Early Childhood Education and Development, specifically Child-Friendly Spaces, in emergencies. An individual’s early childhood is a significant period in his or her life and fundamental for further development. In fact, a focus on ECD has proven effective in improving developmental assets as well as mental and social well-being. Moreover, studies on ECD in emergency environments show that children who consistently attend educational settings such as Child-Friendly Spaces were able to increase these abilities. At the same time, however, there has been little practical progress in providing long-term concepts or even a clear-cut model for the specific case of Early Childhood Education in conflict or post-conflict environments. Creating a model specifically for post-conflict environments could help prevent future genocides especially in tense, violence-prone, traumatized communities.

In addition to that, I am focusing on the interaction between genocides and the international community as a byst