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N’Djamena Market Place

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Day one in Ndjamena. The place is starting to feel familiar to me. It’s only my third time here, but the Ndjamena experience seems to always be a bit the same each time. I’m sitting in an air conditioned car, hiding from the heat, dust, and sunshine outside, with a UNHCR driver and Rachael, as we wait for Gabriel to exchange money. We’re in a bustling market place. I’m just staring out my window at all the life happening around me. There are shops lining the street, with people selling goods. A man is selling a large oriental rug to a woman. Next to them, a young man is throwing the rugs over a cement ledge making them visible to anybody passing by. Others are selling baskets, hair products, medicine, and sandals. Women walk by effortlessly carrying large baskets of peanuts on their head. A man strains to lift a bag the length of my body full of grain over his shoulder to carry down the street. Impressive…

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