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Paperwork out of the way, we now look east

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A day in the capital does a job on you.  Fighting the jetlag and tiredness from having spent 24hrs making  the journey here, we then spent a whole day doing final touches on permits, getting a cell phone (actually, service for two cell numbers — always good to have a backup!), and exchanging money.  A small stack of one-hundred dollar bills turned us in to millionaires in Chadian money!

We’re ready to head to the east!  It’s going to be another whole-day type of a thing.  Oh, it’s also going to be Thanksgiving Day.  We won’t have any turkey out here.  There won’t be mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and all those great desserts.  I’m actually starting my 1,000 calorie Chad diet, made up of tuna, nuts, and granola bars. I have a few little containers of peanut-butter, so I might go over just a bit on some days.

I’ll miss the food, but I’ll miss my family a lot more.  Being away from my son and daughter is so hard, and each day I feel it a little more.  After six straight i-ACT Expeditions together, this is now my second one without KTJ.  I miss her. For the few of you that don’t know, she’s not only my coworker — she is also my wife.

It’s a privilege to be out here, though, and my teammates are also giving up so much to be here with me.  We have a cool Expedition crew. Jeremiah is coming back to Chad, having been with me and KTJ on that trip when we got caught in the middle of a rebel takeover of the capital.  It’s Jordan’s first trip, but she seems ready for any adventure.  Meghan is with us for the first part of the trip.  She’s from the Darfur Dream Team office, and it’ll be great to introduce her to all the kids and teachers in the camps, whom she knows from our social network, Pazocalo, peace public square.

OK, getting closer to the camps!

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