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Partner Highlight: Alexxa of Triangles of Truth

i-ACT has been working with Triangles of Truth for over two years. Their global network of students and advocates support education projects in the camp by honoring Holocaust victims. They caught up with Alexxa Evangelista, an outstanding Triangles of Truth advocate.

What exactly are you fundraising for? Since I was a little kid I’ve loved school and I’ve always been really involved in my community and helping others. I used to raise money for children to go to sleep away camp every year and this campaign let me continue that in another way.  I just want to continue my passion for helping others and give them the opportunity to love school as much as I do.

How did you get involved? I got involved through my teacher Ms. Kay in my holocaust studies class at Boca High and it’s been an amazing ride this far.

What has been the reaction of the community?? In my community everyone has been really shocked not only at what a good cause this is but how big we are making it and how drastic the tragedies are in Darfur. It just shows how little people know about the fatalities over there.

Why is this a worthwhile cause for teens in Florida and elsewhere to partake in? I think this cause shows teens everywhere that there’s something bigger out there and that it’s really the little things that do make a difference and can make someone’s life just that much better. It goes to show how little we can give here in our worlds to help others do so much more.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for others looking to start their?own campaign? The only advice I have is to keep sending it out to anyone you can think of and try to get the best results as possible, not only in monetary form but in feedback and that in itself is the real success.


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