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Recommit to Refugees: Why is this happening


The assistance being provided to Syrian refugees had to be cut in December of 2014 due to a lack of funding available for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). WFP experienced a $64 million shortage because promised donations were not being presented. In addition, Syrian refugees do not have a legal right to work where they are, in either Lebanon or Jordan. So, they heavily rely on food from organizations such as the WFP. The WFP stated that as a result of the worsening security situation, it is difficult to deliver food to refugees in Yemen. This has affected traders as well. It is more difficult for them to import food in and throughout the country. Inside the country, the violence has led to the suspension of food supplies because shops and food markets have been forced to shut down.

Additionally, Yemen is experiencing acute fuel shortage, mainly in Aden and the capital, Sana`a. This has resulted in many Yemenis facing hunger as they are stuck in their cities and villages where food supplies are diminishing. From the approximately 2.4 million refugees in 22 countries throughout Africa, one-third are experiencing a decrease in food aid from the WFP. The United Nations claims that the World Food Programme’s supplies and funding are dimi