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Seeing Masses as Individuals

Working from the Hotel. Photo: Sara-Christine/i-ACT

Working from the Hotel. Photo: Sara-Christine/i-ACT

The alarm went off this morning and I had to muster some motivation to swing my feet out from under my sheets. I set them on the cool tile floor of my hotel room and sat for a few seconds on the edge of my bed. Jet lag was hanging on me like a heavy cloak. But time to go and just like that I was up and about. I threw on some fresh clothes I packed for our capital meetings, brushed my teeth with water from a water bottle and decided to leave my hair unkept, as usual. I opened up my notepad of inspirational quotes, yes I have an ongoing list of quotes I keep and pocket for later. The one that put a little skip in my step as I left my room to meet Gabriel for breakfast (aka. nescafe drip coffee and sparkling water) was:

“A dreamer who first and foremost aspires to live for others, create beauty, and tell hopeful stories…one who always has the perspective of seeing the masses as individuals” Anonymous

A dreamer at heart, this one inspired me, but more so, it made me think about i-ACT, our mission, and all of you who are involved and a part of our team in some capacity. This quote reflects all of you. And “seeing the masses as individuals,” what a novel perspective!! One that is critical to our work and one that we are trying to spread and share. It was refreshing to read it from another source and context.

The rest of the day has been the familiar waiting game. A day filled with emails, hopeful plans and preparations from the comfort of our hotel. I know I say this every time we’re in the capital, but I can’t wait to get to the real work next week, out in camp Djabal, being present with the refugees, working with them to make Darfur United a reality. Now that’s a hopeful story.


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