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Signs of Respect and Friendship

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally posted on by Sara-Christine Dallain.

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Greeting the players might be one of my favorite moments. Its custom to greet each person, one by one, taking the time to shake hands with each. Shaking hands actually turns into hand holding while you exchange the “hello, how are you, I’m a fine, how are you, I’m fine, thank you, how are you, I’m fine…” No joke. It gets repetitive. But I’ve learned that the long greeting is a sign of respect. I love it. It forces you to be present and to give attention to each person. After the happy greetings, the team recapped their journey by road to N’Djamena. It must have been long and uncomfortable. They covered a lot of land, having driven from the east to the west side of the country. But with big smiles on their faces, they talked about how they really enjoyed seeing more of Chad and that all went well! Such a positive group! And also a reminder of how rare it is for them to leave their camps.

Taking advantage of their midday downtime, we captured some of the players taking turns being reporte