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Standing Side by Side While Being Poles Apart


Making an open space in the middle of the camp, giving it a centre, produces a better vibe. Loosens the structure of the camp. And helps to locate yourself which is also possible because of the hilly landscape surrounding the camp. This contributes to a positive atmosphere. In Goz Amer you get lost more quickly in the fabric of houses and paths. Just a few notes from an architect’s view.

The emotional moments took place on a personal level. Being in Djabal felt like visiting Gabriel’s second home. Everyone seems to know him like an old (in sense of known-for-a-long-time not concerning the age, ok, maybe a little concerning the age) friend and they shout out his name. It was an intense two days. Full of meeting a lot of wonderful people for the first time to whom you had to say goodbye to in the next moment. I met Achta and her beautiful family, the cool DUSA coaches, a lot of DUSA boys and girls, and a lot of other lovely people. Sometimes it was hard to follow. Different impressions kept pouring into my mind. Ups and downs. And although times are getting rougher in the camp and food ration cuts have hit them hard, I have never seen so many smiles in such a short period of time.