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Statement Responding to Recent Atrocities and Violence in South Sudan

i-ACT and six other human rights organizations, including Humanity United and the Enough Project released a joint statement on recent atrocities in South Sudan.

We have all been appalled by the fighting in South Sudan, particularly the recent atrocities committed in Bentiu and the attack on civilians in the UN compound in Bor. We strongly condemn these vicious attacks against civilians,including at medical and religious institutions. Both parties to the conflict continue to transform it from a political dispute into a conflict of an increasingly ethnic character, with attacks involving one ethnic group triggering attacks against others. In addition, the growing regionalization of the conflict will continue to escalate and extend the war. Unless reversed it will complicate efforts to end the fighting, and the recent attacks in Bentiu, which mark the first targeting of Sudanese groups not previously implicated in the violence, offer a worrying example of the spillover of ethnic violence.


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