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Team Work

What Yuen-Lin and Eric bring to the team is hard to describe. As we get ready for i-ACT Expedition #9, they’ve been working late in to the morning, day after day, to send the Expedition team as prepared as possible. They do this in addition to their already more than full-time jobs, and they do this for absolutely no personal gain, besides what they gain internally, which I know is huge.

What they are doing is so ambitious, and they are doing it in an extremely compact time frame. Their technology will allow students that live in a place as remote as any place can be, refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border, connect with students in American cities, creating mutually enriching relationships–for the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program.

Katie-Jay, James, and I will take this equipment with us, departing from Los Angeles and New York this Saturday, December 4th, and we expect to make it to a refugee camp by December 9th, if everything goes well.

I am lucky and blessed to have such an amazing team around me.


Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

Support refugees in the forgotten corners of the world through soccer and preschool.

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