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The Result Isn’t Always What is Important

Editor’s note: This was originally posted on by Darfur United Coach Ambassador Margo Baker.

DU Coach Ambassador Margo Baker places the makeshift captain’s badge on Khamis.

I’ve been trying for a week now to put into words exactly what it has been like to be on this journey with the Darfur United men’s soccer team, and the only word I can come up with to describe it is amazing. These men are fighters and have a never give up attitude. They literally give 100% until the final whistle blows, no matter what the score line has been.

As we are approaching our final game tomorrow in the ConIFA World Football Cup, I sit in my room and reflect back on the past week and everything that has happened here in Sweden. So far, we have lost 3 of 3 matches by significant margins. We are beat up, bruised, and definitely a little sore, but I have to ask myself – is the resul