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Travel Day Musings and Some Questions for You

4:00am – I woke up way too early and could not go back to sleep. The alarm was set for 5:15 am, so that we could be check-out, out by the door, and ready for pick up by UNHCR driver by 6:00am. But, I woke up at 4:00am!

6:00am – We have checked-out of the hotel and are standing outside the front door, where it feels cool and crisp, and we’re feeling good. We get to fly to the East, to Abeche! A glance at our luggage, it looks ridiculous. It is more than we’ve ever brought. We have almost 300 t-shirts, soccer balls, and volley balls for the kids in the camps, besides our equipment and very little in personals. UNHCR has reserved us some cargo room on the plane, so that the donated sports material can get to the camps. It was all donated by my son’s soccer club, Manhattan Beach Sand & Surf, and we’re so much looking forward to playing with the refugee children. By the way, I miss my kids already, Mimi and Gabo.

6:15am – A driver arrives. I ask him, “To the airport,” and he says, “Yes, to the airport.” We load our mountain of luggage, and he calls on his radio that he has the three passengers and is on his way to the airport. We’re feeling good.