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US-Based Activists Depart for Expedition to Darfuri Refugee Camps


November 16, 2011 – California-based i-ACT is departing on its eleventh expedition to Eastern Chad to bring technology, educational materials, and sports equipment to Darfuri refugees living in camps along the Chad-Darfur border.

With tensions rising and rumors of looming civil war between Sudan and newly seceded South Sudan, the team faces an uncertain level of danger. i-ACT founder Gabriel Stauring, who will be leading the expedition, says “A trip to the Chad-Sudan border always has a degree of danger at every corner. With the possibility of North-South war, plus Darfuri rebels organizing, the instability of the whole region is affected.”

The group will be partnering with Washington D.C.-based Darfur Dream Team to further school improvements and follow up with students in the Sister Schools program. i-ACT will also be delivering a mobile library in partnership with the Human Rights Watch Student Task Force. The library consists of a donkey saddled with learning materials focused on human rights and the English language, and will travel from school to school within camp Djabal.

In addition to the education-based projects, i-ACT will begin forming Darfur United – an all-refugee soccer team set to attempt to compete in the 2012 Viva World Cup in Iraqi Kurdistan. The story of Darfur United is a living documentary being told via social media.

The expedition team of Stauring plus i-ACT representatives Jeremiah Forest and Jordan Rae Lake, and Darfur Dream Team representative Meghan Higginbotham, will be in the field from November 21 until December 7, 2011. The team will be visiting refugee camps Goz Amer, Djabal, Kounoungo, and Mile.

About i-ACT

i-ACT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit seeking to empower individuals within communities, institutions, and governments to take personal responsibility to act on behalf of those affected by genocide, mass atrocities, and crimes against humanity. For more information visit


Katie-Jay Scott 310.738.0285


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