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[Video] On the Move, with Starts and Stops

As soon as I land in N’Djamena, I’m itching to get on a plane to the east, so we can be in a refugee camp as soon as possible. It sounds a little weird, but I think all in all my teams that have come out here would rather be doing our work with our Darfuri friends than “kicking it” in the capital.

Last night, we had a nice conversation and beers with new friends from a large non-governmental organization (NGO) at the hotel. Because of complicated technical difficulties, they have been stuck in the capital for fifteen days! I was ready to move after two.

Thanks to Amos, Victorien, and Bechir, our UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) friends, our permits were ready, and there was good hope that most of our luggage would come with us to the east, but you never know with Chad.

Watch the video above, to get a taste of what it’s like to fly from one Chadian border to the other.


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