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We Leave Goz Amer, Ripples Keep Going

They learned so much so quickly.  It was highly rewarding and fun for our team to spend these days with the Little Ripples teachers. We presented tools that they can use to promote health, peace, collaboration, and learning at their school.  At preschool level, it’s all about play, and the teachers practiced the playing and had a blast, just as their kids did and will into the future.

The school is a safe, happy place for the children, but it’s immediately clear, when you watch the teachers inside the Little Ripples space, that for the women it will likely be even more. They are connecting with each other in a special way, and they are experiencing what it is to be leaders.  They can express themselves and be themselves.  It’s beautiful to see how they relate and how they are all mothers to each others children.

They will have some conflict and disagreements, but that’s expected, and I believe it’s even desired.  They are all different and unique personalities. They are energetic and creative.  If there was not any conflict, it could mean that they are being passive and not pushing each other to be better.

It was sad saying goodbye.  We will be in touch with them, and we’ll be back to camp Goz Amer.  There will be more trainings, but we also leave with immense growth and as better persons after spending time with this community.  We feel the ripples.



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