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Well-Wishes for the Start of a New Little Ripples School Year

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Starting a new school year is hard work for all teachers and school staff around the globe. In order to make sure that our Little Ripples staff knew just how much they were valued, we collected words of encouragement and appreciation from the global iACT team to share with the refugee camp-based team.

Here are a few of the messages that we sent:

“Good luck as school starts this year! What you are doing is such important work. You are an inspiring and essential part of your community. Teachers are so important in children’s lives. Some of the teachers I’ve had have truly changed my life and inspired me to do things that I never thought I could or would. Thank you so much. Never stop being great!” – Sarah Nagengast

“Hello Little Ripples teachers, cooks, and coordinators! Congratulations on starting a new school year. The work you do is so important. It just might be the most important work of all. You are not only taking care of your beautiful children, but you are also creating a strong foundation for your community’s future. I am proud to work next to you. Sending you, the children, and your community all my love. “ – Gabriel Stauring

“Warm wishes for the new school year! As you reach toward your goals: may all of you, and your students, families and community, feel the support of your colleagues and friends near and far. Your hard work and commitment are very valued and are wonderful offerings of hope and inspiration for many bright futures!” – Mary Schacht

Here is iACT’s Programs Coordinator Oumda Tarbosh’s response:

“Hello dear friends! I am very proud to get your messages. They mean everything to us, iACT staff. These messages have made me cry! Dear friends, the work you do for us is not easy. It is very hard to work day and night to help the lives of innocent children. They became orphans in this world, and you work to save the lives of the forgotten, margina