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What is i-ACT?

Walking with Rahma

Walking with Rahma

The name started being a bit longer: interactive-activism.  I guess that’s a lot longer.  From there, someone suggested, “How about inter-activism!?” Then it was a short jump to i-ACT.

But i-ACT started before we had a name for it, and Starbucks played a hand in it.  I wish that hand was involved in funding our work, but no. It’s just that we were sitting at a Starbucks in Culver City when the idea of i-ACT first came together.

My good friend, documentarist Paul Freedman, and I met to talk about a trip to the refugee camps in Chad.  Paul had just finished an award winning documentary on Rwanda, “Do Scars Ever Fade,” and he was determined to act while the first genocide of this century was taking place.  I had just started my activist life, taking stabs at figuring out how to engage people at the grassroots level for peace in Darfur.  From the smashing of these two passions, documentary filmmaking and grassroots activism, i-ACT was born.