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Why I became a Sustainer of Action


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In 2004, when our founder Gabriel Stauring learned of the mass atrocities in Darfur, he boarded a plane and went to the Sudan-Chad border to carry the word back to the world. He did not wait for money, red tape to clear, or the perfect plan.

Soon other ordinary people joined his efforts, and a dedicated team of volunteers learned first hand the best way to respond to humanitarian emergencies as global citizens. The foundation of our work is based on a willingness to act rather than to wait. When you invest in our team, you are taking a step toward creating a world that no longer waits in the face of mass-scale human suffering.

Our efforts have always been focused on the people of Darfur and raising awareness rather than fundraising. As our outreach, direct impact, and successful project list continues grow, the time has come for us to stay true to our grassroots history while becoming more sustainable. Our intention is to be directly accountable to other every day people who are unwilling to wait and to continue keeping our focus directly on the people we serve.

As a team of every day people, we are proud that our Board of Directors reflects that commitment to simply “doing the work.”

That’s why I’ve decided to become a monthly Sustainer of Action.

I hope you do too.

Stacey Martino i-ACT Volunteer

Become a Sustainer of Action


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Provide nutritious meals to Darfuri refugee children in Chad.

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