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World Peace Dreaming at the Bagel Shop

I sit in an air-conditioned bagel shop, drinking my ice-cold diet coke (already on my 3rd refill) after already eating two bagels with reduced-fat cream cheese. Around me are healthy, smiling beach-bound young men and women. Some mothers talk about their long weekend, as their well-behaved kids munch away. One more refill of diet, and I continue to read about the horrific violence in Syria; then look at video interviews of newly displaced Darfuris; then re-read a message from a refugee friend, Umda Tarbosh, who tells us:

The situation in the camp is very worrisome, as the disease of malaria has stricken here. So you can find in every house more than three people sick with malaria. The treatments are not enough. People who have died now is more than 35, and the number is increasing. The patients are 1,000. Much is unknown about the rest who are in their farms, far away and who cannot get to the camp because of the valley.


As our nation debates whether to drop bombs on another country (to punish them for dropping another type of bombs on their own people) —”Eric, your order is ready.”