Mindful Learning: Early Childhood Care and Development for Refugee Children in Tanzania

Dec 18, 2019

Featured in the Journal on Education in Emergencies on page 133. This field note presents findings from an assessment conducted on the Little Ripples program, which was piloted with Burundian refugee children ages three to five in Tanzania. The aim of the assessment was to understand the general progress of the program, attitudes and perceptions about the use of mindfulness in the classroom, and the perceived effects on students and teachers who participated in the pilot. This field note provides an overview of the Little Ripples program approach; the gaps the program is aiming to address in emergency early childhood care and development services; the concept of mindfulness and its use as a teaching tool; the Little Ripples program assessment methodology and results; and recommendations for ways forward.


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iACT 33 in Chad: The Work Continues

iACT 33 in Chad: The Work Continues

Toward the end of January, iACT’s program associate Julia and I traveled to Chad to connect with our teammates living in the Darfuri refugee camps located in the eastern part of the country. We were there for a couple weeks, and the camps we stopped in were Am Nabak, Touloum, Iridimi, Djabal, and Goz Amer. We refer to this trip as “iACT33” because members of the iACT family, starting with our founder Gabriel Stauring, have now gone to Chad 33 times. Gabriel’s first trip was in 2005, and Katie-Jay later joined him for several visits.

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