Amm Goulash

Amm Goulash is 22 years old and a Little Ripples Pond host and cook. She lives with her husband and their two-year-old son. Her husband is a farmer and he is often working in the fields, hours away from camp Goz Amer.

Amm Goulash has only completed up to level five in school. She stopped attending school years ago because she said she had no time to attend and preferred being a housewife. In order to generate more income for her family, she grows onions in the valley. Every two or three days, Amm Goulash walks to her small plot of land that she rents from a local land owner, and picks the onions that she grows. She sells half the onions at the camp market and the other half she keeps for cooking. With what little she makes at the market, she uses to purchase other ingredients she needs.

A typical day of eating for Amm Goulash and her family includes porridge in the morning; rice with onions, salt, and oil at midday; and porridge again at night.

Amm Goulash has agreed to host Little Ripples because, she says, “It is important for children to be educated and it will be helpful for my family to have a meal provided for. Now I am happy because I have Little Ripples in my home.” A neighbor will help Amm Goulash prepare the meal for Little Ripples each day.