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How We Work

iACT shifts power and ownership, grounding its work in a trauma-informed process of listening to, honoring the experiences of, and centering the voices of the refugee and conflict-affected communities we serve.


Our approach is built on trust and mutuality, and demonstrates a new model of humanitarian action.

Listening We always start with listening, learning from refugee and conflict-affected communities about their experiences, needs, and aspirations.

Training Knowledge and skills are mutually shared and gained by iACT and members of the community, through participatory and experience-based training.

Co-Creating We offer curriculum frameworks and health, wellness, and leadership tools while co-creating programs with members of the community.

Shifting Ownership Once training and program co-creation is complete, programs are implemented and completely community-led.

Community-Led Scaling Over time, community members expand programs within their own community and to others in the region.

Ongoing Support iACT continues to work in partnership with the community, providing ongoing support and resources while at the same time learning from the community’s leadership.

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Through our community- and refugee-led approach, 249 refugee and conflict-affected men and women have been trained and employed to adapt and lead education, sports, and human rights programs in their communities.

Emmanuel Uwamungu
JRS Project Director, Goz Beida

"I really appreciate the collaboration between JRS and iACT. The iACT training was aimed at providing community leaders and educators with the skills to practice mindfulness, cultivate compassion, and support their students’ social, emotional, and educational needs; at helping community leaders and educators create peaceful, safe, and respectful classroom spaces."

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