Welcome to the Little Ripples head scarf design contest page! Little Ripples is an early childhood education program that trains and employs refugee women to improve the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development of children in their community. The program is led entirely by women, who serve as Education Directors, teachers, and cooks. A key objective of the Little Ripples program is the empowerment of the women who lead the program. The refugee women from Darfur who are currently leading the program in eastern Chad have expressed that wearing items that signify their status as leaders of Little Ripples and connect them to their fellow Education Directors, teachers, and cooks is important for their sense of empowerment. And so, here is where you come in! We’ve decided that creating a Little Ripples head scarf for all refugee women connected to Little Ripples would be a culturally-relevant and beautiful way to honor their new roles in their community. The program currently employs 35 refugee women from Darfur, Sudan, living in refugee camps in eastern Chad. In 2017, Little Ripples will expand to three additional refugee camps in the region, and by 2019, to two additional refugee sites globally. If your submission is selected for the Little Ripples head scarf, your design will be worn by dozens of refugee women from Darfur, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan, as well as by supporters and donors of Little Ripples in the U.S. and globally. For inspiration, check out our videos on Vimeo and photos on our Facebook page. Are you ready to make an impact? Read the rules and guidelines below and submit your design! Good luck and have fun! Rules and Guidelines:

  • The dimensions of the head scarf are 215 cm wide by 70 cm long
  • Designs must be limited to four colors
  • Fringes of the scarf are not included in the above dimensions.
  • Vector-based designs (e.g. an Adobe Illustrator file) are ideal but if not possible, please submit a high-res .jpg file (around 200 DPI should do)
  • The final date for submissions will be February 28, 2017

Name your files: Please name all submissions as (firstname)-(last name)-for-LR2017. Still have more questions? Email james@iact.ngo. Inspiration:

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