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Double your impact!

Thanks to a generous donor, all money donated to iACT between GivingTuesday and December 31 will be matched up to $100,000!


iACT believes all children, including those in forgotten communities, deserve to experience joy through play.

 According to the UNHCR, 36.5 million children were displaced by violent conflict in 2021. That’s 36.5 million children who are not only potentially missing out on essential services like food and shelter, but are also missing out on safe and joyful places to simply be children.

The fact of the matter is, whether you live in a refugee camp in Chad, a conflict zone in Ukraine, or a suburb of Los Angeles, we are all connected in our need for play.


Play brings us joy.


Play teaches us coping skills.


Play positively impacts brain development.


Play helps children build strong relationships.

How does iACT #SpreadJoy through play?

Through refugee- and community-led programs, iACT creates safe and joyful spaces for children to experience play. Each year, thousands of children participate in our Little Ripples (LR) early childhood education program and our Refugees United Soccer Academy (RUSA). RUSA and LR programs can be found from Armenia, to Chad, to Greece.

Meet Bashir & Bashar

Meet Bashir Adef Jabril and Albish Adef Jabril, known lovingly in the iACT family as just Bashir and Bashar. We have had the privilege of watching these amazing twin brothers grow up from young players in our Refugees United Soccer Academy to today. They are a fierce duo on the field! Now in their early 20s, they are attending university in N’Djamena, Chad.


Follow our GivingTuesday campaign this month to learn more about Bashir and Bashar, and find out how your donations can bring soccer and play-based learning to kids just like them.


Here's how you can join the campaign

  • Using the hashtag #SpreadJoy, post a video or photo of you, your friends, or your family experiencing joy through play.

  • ​Create a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser in support of iACT.

  • ​Create your own peer-to-peer fundraiser in support of iACT.

  • Donate to iACT’s GivingTuesday campaign right here!

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