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A Message from Murtada on the Impact of iACT and Refugee-led Programs

Hello everyone my name is Murtada Haroun Adam. I’m so proud to describe my life before joining iACT and after. I was a boy of 12 years studying at primary school when I met Gabriel Stauring and Katie-Jay Scott in 2008 at the Sudanese refugee camps in eastern Chad.

A young boy standing in front of a thatched wall in eastern Chad.
Murtada in refugee camp Djabal in 2009.

Visiting each class, they were looking for students who at least say one or two words in English to help guide them. At that time I only knew the words, “good morning,” “how are you?” and “what's your name?”

Then he asked me, “What's your name? How old are you?”

These are the questions I could answer!

As we started walking together around the camp, Gabriel encouraged me to study English hard. The next trip when he came he found me and l spoke English a little bit better. Soon he brought computers for us to communicate with sister school students in the United States and he also brought Kindles, books, and dictionaries which enabled us to improve our English! There I started studying English hard with the provided equipment until I got to speak English well and he appointed me as an iACT coordinator in 2019. 

A young man is talking and leading a tour through a refugee camp.
Murtada leading a tour of refugee camp Djabal with human rights activist John Prendergast.

And he didn't stop at that! He told me that as you are young I want you to be a great leader in iACT, so he encouraged me to study in university and to get specialized in law, administration, or psychology. I chose to study administration and I started my enrollment at Abéché University in 2020 and I got my Bachelor’s degree in administration this year on August 30, 2023.

A man sitting on a mat with two young babies.
Murtada and two of his young children in refugee camp Djabal.

So, my friend Gabriel had a great vision for my life, he saw my potential. He saw me grow from a little boy until I became a father – I have four children now. My whole life path was altered by him and I have him in my heart all the time. I know that there are things death cannot touch. He is physically not with me, but always in my heart.

Two men standing together and smiling in front of a thatched home
Murtada and Gabriel in refugee camp Djabal.

Therefore I feel a big responsibility towards iACT’s future in order to make his vision continue. And not only me, there are thousands of people iACT saved their lives and helped them. They created a football team and built preschools, sports academies and the positive thing is they appointed only the refugees as employees in all these programs and livelihood projects, too so that they are refugee-led.

iACT improved the economic situation for refugees and now thousands of refugees’ lives depend on these programs.

I demand from the world and especially from the American people to support Gabriel’s vision because it is saving the lives of thousands and I am really thankful to those who are supporting iACT and we are really in need of your help to support us through iACT’s project.

Thank you for all the help.

Murtada Haroun Adam


Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

Support refugees in the forgotten corners of the world through soccer and preschool.

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