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A Source of Inspiration for our Friend Amos

Editors Note: Originally posted on by Sara-Christine Dallain.

“When I look at that card, it inspires me.”

Words spoken today by our Chadian friend and UN colleague Amos when he was proudly pointing to the Darfur United card sitting on the shelf in front of the TV in his home. He said, “See my Darfur United card! Gabriel gave it to me years ago. I still have it!”

To give you a little background on Amos – he was born and raised in Ndjamena, Chad. He speaks French, Arabic, English and 3 tribal languages (#jealous!). He works tirelessly for UNHCR, while taking English and other technical classes at night to further his skill set.

I of course asked him why the card inspired him. I was truly curious since this this was an image of a Sudanese refugee soccer player. He responded, “The player, he working so hard and he is kicking so high. So when I look at that card, I think, yes I must aim higher, try to get to something higher and keep working hard.” Darfur United.

A movement for hope, inspiration and joy – even for a Chadian like Amos.


As I write this, I sit outside in the hotel courtyard, overlooking the Chari river. It’s night. The bats are officially out. I’m with Darfur United player Iggy. We both write and browse the internet, baring the mosquitos. We occasionally look up from our screens and exchange casual banter about Darfur, the camps, the U.S., and our families.

Stuck in Ndjamena, but enjoying the company of Amos and Iggy. No complaints here.


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