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Departing in 10 Days!

Fall is upon us, and I wanted to take a moment out of a busy week to give you an update and a big thank you for the support you have given i-ACT all year. Your presence in our organization is truly what makes our work possible and allows us to continue our relationships with the Darfuri refugees. Let’s reconnect with you after a long summer!

We’re currently preparing for i-ACT Expedition 17. Our aim on this trip is two-fold! First, Gabriel, Rachael Rapinoe, and I will be heading to camp Mile to launch the first Darfur United Soccer Academy! This will include training the refugee coaches and signing up all the children that you have supported through our $10 For Kicks and Hope campaign. We’ll be seeking sponsorships until the end of 2013, so if you haven’t yet, you still have the opportunity to support a child and inspire your friends and family to get involved as well!

After Camp Mile, we will be heading to Camp Goz Amer to conduct more Little Ripples teacher training, student assessments, and interviews with the Little Ripples and their families. This training will focus on how to bring simple peace and calming exercises into the classroom for the children – techniques we’re instilling thanks to our early childhood expert teach advisors! We’ve recently launched Give a Hand. Just $10 will support teacher training, classroom play and learning materials, and health and hygiene supplies.

As usual, you can stay up to date on our trip by following along on our blogs and social media. There will be daily updates, including photos, video, and stories from the camps. Don’t miss them, and please feel free to respond to our posts. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment! If you’re a teacher you can have your class follow our journey, and respond with questions to our blogs and videos. Your words will be inspiring to read, and we will work to reply to every one of them. 

We are also going to be participating in several upcoming conferences, including once again the Peace and Sport International Forum in November, as well as The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and the Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale

Thank you for acting on behalf of those affected by genocide, mass atrocities, and crimes against humanity.

See you from the camps!


Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

Support refugees in the forgotten corners of the world through soccer and preschool.

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