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Gabriel’s Hope for 2020 impact: Return to the Central African Republic

As 2019 comes to an end, all of us at iACT have a simple theme we’ve been focusing on for 2020: impact. For us, “impact” is so much more than numbers. It’s about dignity, respect, and true opportunity for each individual that is touched by iACT’s work.

We are committed to continue supporting the communities we currently work next to, but also to look at where our efforts can improve the lives of other people that are in challenging, dangerous, and often forgotten regions of the world.

One such place is the Central African Republic. In 2020, I intend to return to this small and beautiful nation that is full of amazing and courageous people. It is also a nation that is in great distress and experiencing years of instability and chaos—and at the edge of imploding into unimaginable violence.

In 2017, we visited CAR and implemented a Little Ripples training for a small group of teachers. Little Ripples is iACT’s award winning preschool program. It was inspirational to be in our training circle while supporting their efforts to create islands of peace for preschool-age girls and boys living in the capital and villages across the country.