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Hurry Up and Wait and Hurry Up … and Wait

i-ACT18: A Fast Drive to Catch that Plane from i-ACT on Vimeo.

We are in the little village of Kou Kou, Eastern Chad, and we have to get to the Goz Beida airport early Monday morning for our flight back to the capital. We have an armed escort arranged for the 40 minute drive scheduled for 7am. Our car will pick us up at 6:40, so we can meet the armed escort truck on time. We’re up early and hurry to make sure we’re packed and ready, standing in the driveway.

We wait. The car does not arrive until after 7, so we get in and the driver hurries to the meeting point. The armed escort is not ready, so we wait. The truck with its four armed men arrives closer to 8am. Another SUV will also be a part of the convoy. The truck with the weapons takes off at full speed, leaving nothing but a cloud of dirt. After a few minutes, when we get outside of Kou Kou and start on the newly fixed dirt road, we are right behind the SUV, but the truck is out of sight.