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iACT Family Comes Together to Fast Track COVID-19 Document Creation and Translation

Over the past few months, iACT has been able to create eight documents regarding COVID-19 facts, precautions, and guidelines for distribution in refugee communities around the world. The process of translating these eight documents into 12 languages (English, French, Farsi, Arabic, Kirundi, Swahili, Sorani, Kurmanji, Burmese, Karen, Nepali, and Spanish), editing, checking for cultural relevance and accuracy, and advising is due to the support from the extended iACT team—advisors, activists, and advocates of iACT’s refugee-led approach from all over the country. So many people were able to give their advice regarding the creation of documents and have also shown support by connecting us with translators and/or taking on the translation process themselves. We are so grateful to our network; it is truly a family.

iACT leaders in the camps have also given crucial advice and feedback during the creation process while expressing their community’s needs. They have been printing thousands of copies and distributing them daily while visiting with families to provide support and counteract the spread of misinformation regarding COVID-19. You can read more about their amazing efforts here.

“May God continue protecting you all everywhere you are. You are doing a lot for your communities and I also thank the iACT family for the support that they continue giving us. You don’t know guys how much people in our communities are appreciating your support.” – Refugee Leader in Tanzania

Regarding soap and document distribution: “People were very happy and thankful to receive this help. Some even cried after receiving it and said thank you to iACT for the support. May God bless you and add to what you give. That’s what they had said.” – Refugee Leader in Tanzania

“Of course the work is still going on […] to give awareness about COVID-19. We give the fact sheets and soaps. The community appreciates the support and the work iACT does for them.” – Refugee Leader in Chad
“We want to thank iACT family members and our multiple donors who support and help us day by day to accomplish this action.” – Refugee Leader in Greece

Here is a summary of the documents that the iACT team has created with help from many volunteers (all documents can be viewed and downloaded here):

  • Coronavirus Facts and Precautions is a packet for leaders and includes information about COVID-19, precautions, myths vs facts, mindfulness exercises, and handwashing instructions.

  • Coronavirus One-Pager is a poster about COVID-19 and precautions.

  • Coronavirus Community Leader helps leaders stay healthy as they continue to organize and respond on behalf of their communities.

  • Coronavirus Facts vs. Myths helps dispel rumors and misinformation.

  • Coronavirus Stay Safe at Home for Parents/Caregivers has activities and suggestions on how to work with children during this uncertain time.

  • When Coronavirus Reaches Your Community helps isolated and under-resourced communities (those with little ability to reach medical care) prepare for when the virus reaches their community.

  • Praying, Grieving, and Other Social Gatherings During COVID-19 is a guide for community leaders to use when approaching the topic of community and religious rituals.

  • Wearing a Mask in Public discusses wearing and cleaning a mask/face-covering in Greece, which is required in public as of May 4th.

Through this global pandemic, the iACT family has really exemplified how being united can create powerful and far-reaching change. Thank you all.


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