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iACT’s Little Ripples are HundrED 2020 Innovators

The iACT team is thrilled and honored to announce that Little Ripples has been selected as HundrED 2020 innovators! Check out our page here!

HundrED is a not-for-profit organization that spreads the word about global K12 education programs. Their website states that their “goal is to help improve education and inspire a grassroots movement by encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread across the world.” (

As the name alludes, the organization chooses 100 “Inspiring Innovators” annually to “give them the recognition and visibility they deserve.” HundrED’s priorities in education are in line with iACT’s, especially advocating for a child-centric approach to teaching, creating a strong bond between teacher and student, and creating settings that can run effectively in low-income and low-resource contexts.

The HundrED page dedicated to showcasing Little Ripples is a great tool for outreach. The site has an introduction to Little Ripples (including background on how the program was started), links to our website and social media, achievements and awards, steps to support iACT, and a map where Little Ripples has been implemented. The HundrED site also highlights Little Ripples’ areas of focus: child-centered, play-based, mindfulness, trauma-informed, refugee-led, the meal program, health and hygiene, and empowering women.

Thank you to HundrED for supporting iACT and Little Ripples. Also, for spreading the much-needed awareness on refugee issues, specifically the lack of early childhood programs in refugee settings. It is thanks to organizations like this that Little Ripples can continue to grow and support the education and wellness of our future generations.


Help iACT continue to do what it does best:

Support refugees in the forgotten corners of the world through soccer and preschool.

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