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Intern Spotlight: Rangeena Salim-Eissa

Hi iACT family! 

My name is Rangeena. Currently, I am a graduate student in the Master of Social Welfare program at UCLA and a new member of the iACT intern team. 

As a member of the Afghan diaspora, I regularly reflect on what my parents and elders experienced as refugees and immigrants. Through their experiences, spoken and unspoken, I see the trauma of living through war in Afghanistan, the years of earnestly navigating the challenges of a new life in an unfamiliar land, away from all that was home. But above all, I am witness to a softness rooted in their deep understanding of human struggle. Through their guidance, they have instilled in me a resilience in the face of injustice, an ability for critical self-reflection, and a passion for compassionate service. All of which motivate me in my pursuit of social justice work.