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Intern with i-ACT!!

2012-2013 Internships with i-ACT

TO APPLY: Contact Katie-Jay Scott Stauring at with: 1) an email stating why you are interested in interning with i-ACT and our programs, which internship you are intersted in, and the best way to contact you 2) resume 3) one written reference

Darfur United Intern i-ACT is looking for a dedicated intern for 2012-2013 academic school year. They will be responsible for assisting in the creation and development of Darfur United’s Soccer Academy. Learn more about the program at and

Darfur United is an all refugee soccer team who competed in the 2012 Viva World Cup for nationless people. Expanding upon the team, i-ACT is building a Darfur United Soccer Academy for youth and adults in the refugee camps.

The Darfur United team is a group of volunteers and i-ACT staff who value dedication, creativity, and getting things done. Our motivation is derived from the beautiful Darfuri refugees we work with.

Essential Tasks:

  1. Work with Darfur United Green Supporters group to create and organize a Darfur United Member’s Club

  2. Develop a long-term “adopt an academy team” plan for US and UK schools, teams, and communities to adopt a camp academy. This includes fundraising for the academy, collection of materials, and creating personal relationships

  3. Maintain outreach via social media

  4. Maintain database of DU supporters and communities involved in the project

  5. Research essential information as needed

  6. Required to participate in video and phone conference calls and use of emails

  7. Other responsibilities as they arise