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Let’s Get the Ball the Rolling

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published on by Gabriel Stauring.

IMG_1866 - team 2012 warm up

2012 Darfur United Squad in Iraqi Kurdistan with Coach Mark

Here we go. After more than a week in the capital, we completed our meetings, have our permits, and are on the list to fly to the east to camp Djabal to start try-outs for Darfur United 2014.

The river Chari is beautiful, but I am so ready to go to Djabal, meet with the players, and get the ball rolling—literally and figuratively. We did accomplish some important things here in the capital. The meetings with representatives of the government of Chad—their refugee agency NARR and the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport—were very positive and they offered their complete support. We will need it.