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Little Ripples for refugees in Cameroon

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Refugees from CAR have escaped unimaginable violence and now live in newly created refugee sites in southeast Cameroon. Once again, no early childhood education and development exists for children affected by violence, loss, and displacement. In the coming weeks, iACT will be visiting several refugee sites in Cameroon to conduct an initial needs assessment – identifying the needs, gaps, and wants of current conditions of the beneficiary community. At each site iACT will spend time with the CAR people; listen to their stories, needs, and ideas; identify their strengths and resources; get to know the leaders; and begin to work with them to see how we can adapt Little Ripples for their children and their community.

We’re so honored and excited at the opportunity to form relationships and friendships with the people from CAR. It’s always a privilege to be welcomed into a refugee’s home, to sit and listen, and to learn how we can best aid, empower, and give hope. We’ll be sharing lots of stories and insights each day and doing our best to give voice to these refugees. If you’re interested in supporting iACT in implementing Little Ripples for CAR refugee children, please contact iACT COO Katie-Jay Scott at

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