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Little Ripples: We’re doing Something Right

Editor’s note: This blog was originally posted on by Sara-Christine Dallain.


In the afternoon, we visited two households where we got to spend time with Little Ripples mothers. We were graciously welcomed into their homes, where we sat outside, on mats under the shade of thatched coverings. We were able to hear a detailed account of each mother’s day. As well as gain insight into her child’s behavior, and how if at all, Little Ripples has impacted her child and her own daily life. Here are a few quotes from each mother remarking on how Little Ripples has changed their children and themselves:

Rakiya, Mother of two LR students:

“I’ve changed my behavior, I’m happier since my child started attending Little Ripples.” “Before it was hard to ask my children to do things. Now they listen to me. And they come home talking about wha