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Meet i-ACT Team Member: Emma Oruc


My interest in human rights began in university where I learned about human rights, security and global civil society. Having learned everything that I had, I gained an interest and passion for human rights issues. Being a part of humanity, I felt compelled to help those in need. I began volunteering for the the United Nations Toronto Branch. I joined the human rights committee and helped with their event for the Day of the Girl.

During my studies, I am required to complete an internship. I wanted to intern at an organization which believed in social responsibility and advocacy; this brought me to i-ACT. Currently, I am researching the issue of food insecurity within the Chadian refugee camps holding the displaced people of Darfur. Their rations are being cut. I am investigating why this is happening, what is the impact and how can it be solved.

I am excited to work on the Human Rights Library for the Darfuri refugees. I believe it is important for them to know their rights. If they do not know, they cannot create a change for themselves. Ultimately, change is the refugees responsibility. By possessing basic human rights knowledge they can begin and by possessing the knowledge on creating a lasting change for themselves they can continue. Knowledge is key.

i-ACT because… I can. I can make a difference. I can help change a persons life. I can be the voice for those who do not have one.

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