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Meet iACT Board Member Rachel Veerman

Rachel and her two sisters standing in front of a banner with the iACT logo.
Rachel and her sisters at the 2021 iACT impACT event in El Segundo, CA. (Left to Right: Rachel, Teresa, Cany)
Tell us a little bit about yourself - where you grew up and how you made your way to the LA-area.

I was born in Torrance, California, where I currently reside. I was born at Little Company of Mary, which is also where many of my nieces and nephews have been born. Although I don't have vivid memories from my early childhood here, as we moved to Connecticut and then South Carolina shortly after. However, one day my parents made the decision for us to relocate to Monterrey, Mexico, where my mom's family resides. I was eight years old when we made the move. Sadly, after we were there for about six months my dad passed away.