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Meet the Coaches of Refugees United Soccer Academy – CAR!

1. Stanislas

Stan (his nickname) is 32 years old and lives in a small, one-room home made of mud and brick with his younger 20-year-old brother in refugee site Gado. He’s been in Gado since 2014. The rest of his family lives in the town of Garou-Boulai, 30 minutes away. They fled Bangui before he did. By the time he arrived, the UN Refugee Agency told him and his brother that they had to settle in Gado. Stan is a smart, hardworking man. He has completed three years of University where he was getting his license in mining, engineering, and geology. Since becoming a refugee, he has been able to pick up jobs from day to day, such as helping plan and build the latrines across the refugee site, and has also learned


Why did we pick Stanislas? Since the first day of training, we noticed his positive demeanor. He was attentive and focused and a good soccer player, but he was also always smiling, encouraging others, and making his peers laugh. We felt he had the maturity to lead the Soccer Academy, serve as a strong coordinator in the community, and has the ability to work with young children.

2. Ghislaine

Ghislaine is 23 years old. She lives with and cares for her young daughter and her little brother in refugee site Gado. She has been living in Gado for one year and seven months. In Bangui, before the conflict, she had been starting her last year of “technical high school.” In Gado, she has worked for organizations CARE and Plan International, visiting homes to raise awareness among parents of the