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Moving Forward

The teachers tell us that children, from a very young age, play war and are violent. It’s what they’ve witnessed in their recent past.

The teachers sing and care for their students because they need to look and move forward.

Jacinthe Kinzo, the inspiring head of the Catholic organization that coordinates all of the schools that are run by the Catholic Church (accounting for approximately 60% of the education in CAR), tells us that those without education are the ones that pick up the guns. There are so many children without parents, and there’s so little funding for the schools. The teachers have to be both educators and parents.

Jacinthe is not scared of war. She can’t be. “I am someone that moves forward without fear,” she smiles.

The teachers tell us of children that come to school hungry and scared—and sometimes cry the entire time they are in class.

The teachers dance the most joyful dances with their students to move forward.

The teachers and Jacinthe smile, sing, and dance to move forward. They do it so that someday the children can move the country forward, towards peace.

Peace, Gabriel

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