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Nephisa, a Darfur Refugee

In honor of World Refugee Day and the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict and violence, we highlight Nephisa, one of thousands of children living in Darfuri refugee camps in the isolated region of Eastern Chad. In an interview with i-ACT, Nephisa gives a little insight into her story.

Nephisa fled Darfur and became a refugee fifteen days ago. The Janjaweed came into her town and started looting, beating up people, and even killing some. Her mother, Fatna, does not know if her home is still standing, or if it’s been burnt to the ground like the many others that have in their town of Um Dukhun.

Before the attacks, Nephisa, who is 13 years old, liked to go to school and hang out with her best friend, Husna. She and Husna liked walking together and playing jump rope. During the escape, with the Janjaweed following, Husna and her mother fled in a different direction than Nephisa. Nephisa does not know what happened to Husna.

Nephisa’s home is now a small grass hut on the outskirts of her refugee camp. Her mother says that they want to go home soon, when Darfur is free. The “older” existing refugees in the camp have been there almost ten years. In ten years, will Nephisa still be a refugee, waiting for peace?

Act for World Refugee Day

1) Share Nephisa’s story on your social media sites and with your network

2) Sign the petition to Susan Rice, new National Security Advisor, and Samantha Power, nominated US Ambassador to the United Nations



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