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SheLeads: Meet Anush Araqelyan

SheLeads is a month-long blog series highlighting the voices of some of iACT's amazing female leaders from across the globe. You’ll hear from soccer coaches, education directors, and program coordinators as they discuss the impact of war and displacement on their lives and the power women hold as leaders in their communities.


Academy Coach, Armenia

Hi, I am Anush Araqelyan. I am 21 years old, and from the Sunyik region in the town of Goris. Football has been a part of my life for seven years already. I cannot imagine my life without football because it's thanks to this game that I have become a leader - more ambitious, and courageous.

Why did you choose to become a soccer coach with iACT & GOALS?

I decided to become a coach for iACT and GOALS because I started playing football thanks to GOALS, and because GOALS together with iACT gives an opportunity to young girls to do their favorite sports by breaking all the stereotypes. The most important thing is that I am able to share my experience with young girls by training them, directing them to follow their goals and never let any obstacle stop them.

What is something in your week that brings you joy?

Each training during the week brings us great joy because we do it with love and pleasure.

What qualities do you think make women good leaders?

I think that female leaders should have self-confidence and believe in their strengths and skills, and then they will be able to solve any problem.

Anush standing with iACT team members in front of the Academy banner and holding up her coaching certificate.
Anush with iACT volunteer Traca Gress and Interim Executive Director Sara-Christine Dallain, receiving her coaching certificate

Who is a woman that inspired you in your life?

The woman who has been an inspiration to me in my life is my mother who has educated and raised me to be a good person. There is always something to learn from her because a parent would never give bad advice.

What advice would you give young girls in your community?

I advise young girls to always follow their dreams and goals and never give up or be disappointed.


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